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Wealth is flowing towards those with sophisticated financial expertise, technological skills and the entrepreneurs.  Massive, unprecedented structural change is affecting society.  This is accelerating through 2024.  I have called it correctly.  Be informed.  Do you want to protect your wealth?  GoldOz provides a unique subscriber only education service suitable for gold companies, intermediate level investors, yet the intelligent beginner and HNW professional can also benefit.  We are all too busy so more expertise if never wasted.

Investing is complex because there are so many moving parts.  My quantum investing theory includes the alignment and interaction between these factors known as entanglement.  Changing one ‘particle’ affects the others.  You need to understand how this works so as to enhance your abilities and structure your investing strategyKnowledge is power, and you are the top priority in this thesis.

  • Fundamental analysis on gold stocks and the industry
  • Technical analysis on gold stocks and related markets including the Australian dollar
  • Big picture analysis, debt markets, gold and the global economy
  • Portfolio management strategies
  • Investment strategies & intelligence

GoldOz will assist you to increase your investment intelligence, to research, build and run a successful gold stock portfolio.

Special GoldOz Report October 2022.  Investment opportunity in a cashed up junior gold company. Click here for a free copy.  Note: the company was 17c at the time of the report and was taken over as a bargain.  The deal delivered an equivalent price of 61c in late 2023.  That price fluctuates as a producer now owns the projects.

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The GoldOz long term gold model has been broadly accurate since April 2013 warning clients of the long correction that has transpired and why that would occur.  We have been a rarity in terms of accuracy ever since.  Updated work, since 2006, and through 2023 and into 2024 has yielded powerful predictive models in all time frames.  This is offered as education.

Neil has tracked this gold rally from the beginning in 2001 and invested in silver since the second half of 2003. Click here to find out more about Goldoz.

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Congratulations on the quarterly gold chart … have nailed it!
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An educational story about how gold was discovered in Australia and how it effected this nations development. Find out about who really found the first gold here Down Under, the names of some of the biggest nuggets ever found and what it was like in those gold rush days.

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