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This web site is geared for research and clients.  It is not geared for promotion.  It exists to serve client needs as a portal for product delivery; so there are few free resources.  We do not need or seek traffic so SEO offers are literally of no use to GoldOz.
The site is basically a portal to the Members area which is where the absoulte majority of resources are kept.  I acknowledge and thank Nick Laird at Sharelynx for the gold charts pages and Kitco for other charts.

  • Our Members services offer general guidance based on bleeding edge timing technology, which is generally accepted to be impossible.
    That is providing accurate timing and forecasting on a regular basis far above the realms of logical probability.  That is the nature of things: cutting edge investors catch on first to gain a market advantage after the development of the work of bleeding edge creators.
  • In addition to short term timing discoveries we did accurately forecast the path of gold post April 2013 to date and potentially beyond into the future.  That was after warning the break down was possible at the beginning of 2013.
  • We are also working on mid-term timing methodology releasing points of time which should interest investors.  A startling discovery was made during the early stages of this process and shared with Members.

Fundamental Research
Have you noticed that something is wrong with the global economy? It is pretty hard to miss however if you believed the main stream media it appears all is well.  Perhaps you have noticed that the reported numbers you see in the media  do not match your real life experience.  The inflation numbers do not add up as they appear small yet your costs have risen dramatically?  Perhaps you feel like you cannot to rely on governments and bankers to look after your interests?  There is good reason to be suspicious.  We have entered an extremely challenging time in history.

Fortunes will be made and lost as wealth transfers from the unaware populace to people that do take the time to discover what is happening.  It will happen over the next 10 to 15 years.  If you do not fully understand the current and emerging financial conditions then you and or your business are in an even higher risk zone right now.  Money is not the “be all and end all” however we do need it and therefore financial education is key to survival. Unfortunately it is something not taught in school.

You have come to the right place if you are seeking financial independence and knowledge. Wealth comes in many forms however financial wealth does not happen quickly.  This is not a get rich quick proposition.  This site is not just about gold it is about knowledge and self empowerment through investment skills.  We will teach you things the top end of town prefer to keep to themselves.  Founder Neil Charnock was there buying gold stocks at first in 2001 and then silver in 2003 when it was just US$5 an ounce.  That is timing and it was based on knowledge.

GoldOz was created in 2006 with a dual purpose.
1. To educate the public about money, the imbalances and dangers in the financial system, so that they may protect themselves from hardship.
2. To teach the broader community about investment in general and the Australian mining sector so that they might take advantage of this long term gold bull.

Like all business we grow and evolve but the important thing is that we have called the investment climate correctly, time and time again. Education in this area is a broad subject that included sector knowledge on Australian gold stocks, company analysis, gold market analysis and macro economics – the study of the big picture economy and how Australia fits in.

We developed a subscription area to provide in depth education on fundamental analysis and technical analysis, the study of charting, with our simplified systems. The newsletter and educational portfolio are the latest advance in this quest. We have worked with senior advisers with funds management background and highly successful investors around the world to bring this unique service to investors in the stock market.

Neil Charnock Bio

GoldOz Consultant / Editor
Self employed for the last 40 years in several business enterprises and start-up companies. Founding Director on four occasions and held a corporate organic waste management contract for 9 years. Professional skills also include preparation of various business documentation, import / export, customer service, sales and administration. Private investing experience going back 34 years in bullion, futures, options, share investing / trading, real estate and unlisted companies.

A passion for precious metals and global economics led to deeper research over the last 18 years and a decision to create the GoldOz web site at the beginning of 2006. He is now Editor of GoldOz, the Newsletters and a consultant.

Neil was published widely over a decade on many global gold and finance web sites (50+ to date). That was up to 2014 when a pure focus was recommenced on charting techniques, debt markets, the Australian gold sector and accurate prediction.  This remains the focus and a passion while article promotion remains on hold.  This is a distinguishing feature at GoldOz as Neil works for you not the “business”.

Neil was well recognised amongst his peers – eg. Armstrong Article. Neil has also been in newspaper print (WA Newspaper Group Diggers and Dealers, Resource Stocks, Financial Review) and a book on investment in junior mining stocks among thirteen of his fellow finance professionals, called – Junior Mining Investor By Kevin Corcoran (Amazon). Neil has been busy developing a range of data provision services and behind the scenes – business / client relationships – in addition to gold and share trading activities.

His latest creation over 12 years is the GoldOz Newsletter which covers deeper education on macro economics, debt markets and related topics for mining, gold and silver. This service includes an Educational Portfolio that discusses technical and fundamental rationale for investment decisions in addition to risk levels and trading techniques.

Rowan Charnock Bio

Rowan is a 33 year old IT worker and writer who has a natural talent and interest in I.T. and language. Rowan has done extensive amounts of website development for GoldOz including web optimization and design.  He is no longer active however remains fully supportive.

Rowan finished up his Year 12 HSC with awards in Economics. His IQ is above Mensa entry scores and is considering further study. He has lived and worked in Sydney, the United States and the Philippines. Rowan is a fiction writer who is writing a Sci-Fi/Action trilogy called ‘The 11’. The first book is underway and remains in development.

Rowan enjoys writing, reading, philosophy, the outdoors and travel.

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