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Before subscribing; Purchasers are required to read the following Subscriber Agreement. Seek independant assistance if you require help to understand these terms and conditions. Payment for Gold Oz products will automatically confirm that you have read and understood the contents of this agreement and accepted the terms and conditions herein.

We also suggest all users of this web site and GoldOz products visit and read our Legal page as additional information.



Throughout this Agreement the name “GoldOz” means The Gold Oz web site (URL and is deemed to include the editor, publisher and all staff engaged in the production of content for the Gold Oz web site or products marketed by GoldOz.

This Agreement legally includes acceptance of our “Legals” page where appropriate.Gold Oz is not a registered investment advisor, we are a data provision service. GoldOz, including all content, materials and products displayed at the Gold Oz web site, are provided for the information of investors and is believed to be accurate at the time of writing/ publishing.

GoldOz is not and will not be held responsible for any actions or investment decisions made by investors as a result of reading the information provided at the web site or within the products. Investors must confirm data, conduct their own due diligence and are absolutely responsible for their own investment decisions.

A subscription entitles access by a single individual or household. Subscribers guarantee that they will not reveal their login details (User ID and password) to others or forward products to any other party. Gold Oz reserves the right to embed products and revoke subscriptions where subscribers have been found to default on this condition of use.

Subscribers traveling or with multiple domain addresses may register more than one computer on a single subscription. We are happy to do this for client convenience and the intent of this clause is to reasonably protect our proprietary and copyright interests.

GoldOz respects the privacy of our subscribers and will not sell or share our subscriber or contact lists with any third party. GoldOz does not practice agressive or invasive marketing campaigns, subscribers will not be bombarded with constant advertising as a result of subscription.

We do reserve the right to send the occasional special offer or release of new products by email however we prefer to post regular offerings of this nature on our web site.We do not provide refunds except in the instance that we cease to operate and are unable to provide the balance of products as agreed under the various offerings made at our store. Should we cease to operate a pro-rata refund will be made against all 3,6 or 12 months subscriptions.