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Gold Oz is an Australian web site.

Our general enquiry answering service is handled by email on – this is the most efficient method of reaching us.
No SEO offers please; we have no interest so you would be wasting your time and ours.  We will not respond to SEO offers under any circumstance, as promotion via GoldOz is not our aim.  This is a home for successful investors or people wanting to learn how to join this elite group in society.  Successful investing comes from work and knowledge and experience not luck.  Even our client base numbers are limited, once the limit is achieved again the store closes.

Below is an email contact form that you can fill out to make it easier for you.

Note: Due to the large and increasing number of emails that we receive, we regret that we are unable to reply to all of them.

Alternative contact details are provided below and inquiries will be returned in accordance with our directions as described below.

Our office street address:
441 Sam’s Corner Road Bemboka New South Wales, Australia.

Please note: all product deliveries are by email, therefore no product is stored at this premises; this is not a physical retail shop. No hawkers, investors or clients will be interviewed at these premises. All payments are received electronically or by cheque and therefore no cash or bullion are stored at this address.

Postal address:
Gold Oz
PO Box 3175
Bemboka NSW 2550
Please note: For cheque payments from within Australia only, offshore bank payments by cheque will not be accepted.

This is an online service we do not maintain a telephone system.  Please email GoldOz for assistance if required we do take customer service seriously.
Please note: Some requests for telephone conversations may be considered at our discretion and we will ring Australian phone numbers only – preferably landlines.
Please – read the important notice just below this message.

Important note: we are not investment advisors and therefore no discussions will be entered into about specific stocks, companies, general investments or general market conditions. Contact about non client assistance matters may be directed to our email contact us section below.

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