Australian Gold History

Australia has a very colourful history when it comes to the King of Metals. From the diggers forming mate-ship bonds working hard in the pits under the Australian sun, to the romantic past of the daring and villainous bush rangers.

It is still easy to see many of the effects of those times today. The open rebellion by miners against the authorities in the Eureka Stockade was a major stepping stone towards Australian Democracy. In World War I our soldiers proudly bore the name ‘diggers’ and worked innovatively together in trenches of Gallipoli and France.

Indeed, our own Capital City lies in between the far older and more populous settlements of Melbourne and Sydney due to the rivalry during the 1800’s of New South Wales and its younger (and wealthier) cousin, Victoria.

Australians, as a people, still see themselves as slightly rebellious under-dogs doing what no ‘superior’ thought possible. One can see this in our effects on the world stage politically and the high medal counts won in the Olympic Games despite such a small population.

So, this section is here to educate you on how the Gold Rushes came about and some of the powerful effects that this sun burned country would be left with.

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